Next Internet Explorer 7 upgrade will be opt-out

According to InfoWorld, the next update of IE7 will be automatically downloaded and installed:Microsoft warns businesses of impending autoupdate to IE7.  Just thought you might want to know, in case you want to keep IE6 around. Companies that stuck with IE6 must take action, Microsoft said, or IE7 may be automatically downloaded and installed to

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Flash, Silverlight, all worthless

Now that we’re starting to get some benefits from maturing HTML, CSS, and Javascript implementations, via libraries like Prototype, Scriptaculous, Jquery, mootools, and so on, along come the vendors hawking their own proprietary re-invention of the same thing.  Wheter its Adobe’s Flash/Apollo/Flex, Microsofts’s recently demo’d Silverlight, or Sun’s rumoured own re-imagining of it all.  But

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