IE7 more prevalent, overall IE share of browsers is down.

News to make any Firefox fan sleep a little easier at night.  While Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)  is being installed more widely, its replacing installations of IE6.  That in and of itself shouldn’t be that surprising.  However, the forced upgrade to IE7 hasn’t eaten into the Firefox share at all.  In the US, that share …

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Windows Vista is Microsoft’s Iraq?

Scott Rosenberg draws an interesting parallel between Microsoft’s attempt to rewrite Windows, and the Bush administration’s foray into Iraq.  Of course, the two aren’t morally equivalent, but its a good intellectual excercise with more than a shred of validity. Then he says, “It wasn’t executed.” Note the passive voice, correct for it: “We didn’t execute …

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Microsoft worm headlines

I report, you decide.  Now, in my book, bringing down the US Custom’s office isn’t a sign that your security strategy is “working”.  According to Forrester, the fact that this wasn’t as bad as the last windows worm shows “Shows That Microsoft’s Security Strategy Is Working“.  But Windows remains the battleground for worm writers, and …

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