Don’t get your cable provider’s DVR

With TiVo offering huge rebates on new TiVo2 recorders, why put up with the aggravation of a second-rate box that is useless? Mark Frauenfelder described his recent experiences with the Scientific Atlanta DVR that his cable company provides, including the claim that it was a real TiVo device:

Five days later a service technician came with a new box. I asked him if this problem was common, because Google returns a lot of pages from people who think the Explorer 8000 is a piece of junk. He said the system is fine as long as you didn’t store too many shows on it. If you fill up the hard drive, the system freezes up, and there’s no way a user can undo it. But how do you know when the disk is close to being full if there’s no gage to tell you? The service tech’s answer: “don’t keep very many shows on the hard drive.” That pretty much defeats the purpose of a DVR, doesn’t it?

I don’t work for or speak for TiVo, I’m just another satisfied customer. If you do get a new Tivo, how bout telling them that I referred you by giving them my email address: ?

Update: Fixed a typo pointed out by my sis