Voyager vs Smartphones

Perceptive and made me chuckle. Meanwhile my smartphone will be lucky to survive 34 months, and is only able to receive commands from Earth if I hold it out of an upstairs window… Source

Debunking the sugar hyperactivity myth

And yet, I’m sure countless parents will rather trust their own anecdotal experience. Let’s cut to the chase: sugar doesn’t make kids hyper. There have been at least twelvetrials of various diets investigating different levels of sugar in children’s diets.  That’s more studies than are often done on drugs. None of them detected any differences in behavior between …

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Responsive Design

I’ve updated my theme here to make the layout more responsive depending on the device you view it in.  For both smart phones and iPads/tables, the layout linearizes. That is a fancy way of saying the right sidebar should scoot below the main content area, and everything will become 100% wide to fill the screen.  …

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