Voyager vs Smartphones

Perceptive and made me chuckle. Meanwhile my smartphone will be lucky to survive 34 months, and is only able to receive commands from Earth if I hold it out of an upstairs window… Source

Drupal finally using OOP

Finally. This is a huge step forward for Drupal. After eschewing OOP practices for a long time, its finally winning over core developers, which will make working with Drupal as a Framework easier in many ways. I copied the announcement below, but you can see that patch and discussion here. This patch is about to be committed. …

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Grokking Zend Framework 2

I’ve found these to be helpful in porting a ZF1 app to ZF2, which is in Beta1 status at the moment.  Rob Allen’s tutorial -updated for the beta, worked for me out of the box using git submodule.  The programmers reference manual for groking new concepts, although sometimes it takes a couple of reads. Finally, looking …

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Debunking the sugar hyperactivity myth

And yet, I’m sure countless parents will rather trust their own anecdotal experience. Let’s cut to the chase: sugar doesn’t make kids hyper. There have been at least twelvetrials of various diets investigating different levels of sugar in children’s diets.  That’s more studies than are often done on drugs. None of them detected any differences in behavior between …

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