Digital Media

Just say no to HDMI.

The Hollywood cartels may try to get hardware companies to put in DRM controls via HDMI with the promise not to use them for 7-8 years. The effect is that if your screen or recorder isn’t blessed by Hollywood, they can limit the video they send to it to a low-resolution image. Manufacturers who want …

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Ah, the Irony

Via BoingBoing, I ran across this item, about how a supporter of the DMCA and DRM technologies found he couldn’t access 2 years worth of television programs on his own video recorder. For those who aren’t familiar with Mr. Giovanetti’s work, he’s a frequent and pugnacious commentator on intellectual property issues, and an avowed supporter …

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Slick Photo Albums

I sent my friend Nam-ho a link to the new release of Lightbox JS, a slick Javascript based way to overlay images on a webpage. As far as a javascript onlly solution, it could be an impressive method for displaying a slideshow. In response, Nam-ho sent me to SimpleViewer, a much slicker Flash-based solution for …

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