Soccer Blogs Aggregator

I quietly launched Soccer Blogs earlier this month but, after some useful critiques from my design friend Nam-ho, I tweaked the layout and added aggregate RSS and Atom feeds.  I’ve been working on this, as time and World of Warcraft addiction allow, since mid summer.  I wanted to try out aggregating feeds and, this is …

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PHP XML-RPC vulnerabilities.

In case you haven’t already read, there’s a pretty serious vulnerability related to XML-RPC in some PHP applications including Serendipity.  Read more at hardened-php.

PHP Input Filter

This class, cleverly named PHP Input Filter, definitely merits further investigation.  It filters input to prevent Cross-site Scriptin Attacks.

PHP Forms Threads

A number of posts out there today concern working with HTML forms in PHP (Paul M. Jones » Form Processing Questions). The debate seems to hinge mostly on whether a single monolithic, automatic form generation class/script should be preferred to an approach that separates the Model and View more cleanly. I have to agree with …

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Syntax 1.1.0 Release

I didn’t want to let Sandy beat me to the punch this time so here goes. Over at Forum One, my employer, we released Syntax CMS version 1.1.0, which is the content management application that we’ve built and use. The code has come along way over the last few months in response to features requests …

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Two PHP apps recommendations

I wanted to recommend two php applications that I recently setup for our own use and was very impressed by them. One of the biggest things that impressed me about both was how ridiculuosly easy each one made the install process. Something we need to improve for the Syntax CMS open source projectwe use at …

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Syntax Framework & CMS

The framework and content management system we develop and use at work has been nominally Open Source for over a year and a half. Over the last month, we’ve made substantial performance and feature improvements to it and are preparing to make an official 1.0 release very soon. We’ve set up a blog, initially for …

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That Old PHP vs Java thing

Mike Cogan wondered on his blog why php is more popular than java. Most of his argument seems to be based on the assumption that PHP coders want to get a website up and running as soon as possible with no regard for proper planning and design. Somehow, simply choosing to use Java makes you …

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